I am the storm 

My purpose. Never knew the how but always knew the what. Write. The voice inside my heart screamed at me to write. Write until no life remained. Write until there was more ink than blood in my veins. Write until the end.
But it’s the beginning. I am starting my journey and I won’t let any storm get in the way. Because i am the storm. A storm of cloudy words and thunderous feelings. I am the rainfall of my sky. Me and just me. It’s not narcissistic to believe in yourself. To realize that you can be a pretty awesome human being. That potential is enough. It’s proof. All you have to do is see it and act on it.

You and I are capable of greatness wether we believe it or not, it’s in our blood. It’s like breathing. Something we take for granted yet it’s part of who we are and of our very own lives.

Find your passion.

If you found it then keep working until your body screams no more and your coffee runs out. Then do it some more.


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