Reborn From Tears

I become a monster. A monster in my mind. A concept that destroys my all. I begin to believe that tears and pain make me a broken human being. I hold the false notion that I am not enough. That I am not strong enough. But that is bullshit.
My pain is enough. My pain is real. And to move on with my day I must acknowledge that it exists. It’s part of my being. Somethings hurt and that’s alright. Am I going to sit there the whole day weeping about it? No. All I need is a couple hours. Get those emotions out of my system and figure out the root of the problem and find a solution. If I don’t, who will? 

The universe is generous and brings you answers but most of the time you must create them yourself. They are hiding under your eyes. With every tear and every sob you might find it. There hidden within is the truth. 

That is where my truth is. When my defenses drop. When my walls break. When my heart is turned inside out. That is when I see myself. The color of my blood and the bitter taste of my tears. 
I am human.

 My pain is alright. 

I am strong. 

Breaking down is alright. 

I am me. 

Starting over is alright. 

It’s all alright. 


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