Think and Be

How do I find myself?
That is the neverending question. The question I ask myself day and night. However,  I am happy to say I found the answer. The answer is not fixed. It fluctuates from day to day, and I always find surprises. I learn to learn myself. I think and I become what I think. My thoughts materialize into the image of my being.
One day I’m feeling on the dark side. My darkness a comfortable cloak against the world.
Another day I am radiant and happy beyond measure. I see the light in everything. I learn and I enjoy.
Which one is wrong? My darkness or my light. Is one an illusion or is it my reality? Or am I both? Why can’t I be both at the same time.
My light and darkness dance together. I think both and I become both. There really is no separation besides what I choose to show the world.
It’s difficult. The rollercoaster of emotions. The crazy ride of life. I change and I grow. I make mistakes and I learn.
But all I am is in my mind. My mindset is what makes me, or breaks me. That’s my choice.


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