Opposing Energies 

Let’s get real. I am done obscuring my path with self-doubt and fear of the stupid things that just make no sense when I sit down, and analyze. Like seriously, why am I not where I want to be? Why? Because I am sitting down doing nothing, complaining about how the universe is against me and how the odds are not on my favor. Well screw the odds. I don’t want to be from the 98 percent I want to be the one perfect that makes it. Only thing is that the numbers and energy is flipped. To be from the 98 all you need is two percent effort, while being from the two percent you need 98 percent effort. I don’t know what that means but it sounds right. It means I need to put in all the effort and stop talking about it. I’m a talker. I’m a writer. Actually I don’t talk, but I have a lot to say. So why don’t I say it? Am I afraid to be disliked? Am I afraid to make a fool of myself? 
Am I not doing that already? By sitting on the couch watching Netflix? 

I wonder. 

I do not mean monetary two percent. As being the cream of the cupcake. If that’s your dream then go for it. My point is, that we can all be at the top two percent who have achieved their goals and dreams. That two percent is where I want to end up. I might not end up wealthy but I will be the richest human I can be. Why? Because I reached my potential. I became all I could and more. 


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